Janelle Brown, a star of the reality TV show Sister Wives, has been dealing with the tragic loss of her son Garrison Brown, who passed away at the beginning of March. Despite the difficult month, Janelle and her family are finding comfort in honoring Garrison’s legacy in various ways.

Most recently, Janelle and several family members attended a military service held in Garrison’s honor. However, they have unfortunately faced unkind comments from internet trolls.

Janelle has decided to address these haters and set the record straight. In a recent response, she expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support she has received during this challenging time. She acknowledged the outpouring of stories, thoughts, and prayers from fans, which meant a great deal to her. Janelle shared several photos from the memorial service on Instagram, emphasizing that it was a beautiful moment for her family.

Despite the majority of Sister Wives fans offering their condolences and support, Janelle has had to deal with snarky comments from trolls. However, fans quickly came to her defense, expressing their sympathy and condemning the negative remarks. Many voiced their confusion as to why anyone would send such hurtful comments during such a difficult period.

While Janelle continues to grieve the loss of her son, she is also looking towards the future. Recently, fans discovered that she has plans to start a new flower business in Flagstaff. As Janelle and her family navigate their way through this tragedy, her fans hope that they find solace and peace in the days ahead.

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