Zach and Tori’s journey through marriage and parenthood on the show Little People Big World has been a remarkable one. They exchanged vows almost ten years ago and have since welcomed three children into their lives. What makes their LPBW family unique is that all of their children—Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah—inherit Zach’s dwarfism.

While Lilah and Josiah are too young to fully understand, Jackson is starting to notice that he is different from his peers. As a result, he has been asking questions about his dwarfism. The show captured one such incident, shedding light on the “dwarf talk” that Zach had with his son. What did Jackson ask? How did Zach handle it? And what did he tell him?

Jackson Roloff has won the hearts of many LPBW fans with his adorable presence. Viewers have mentioned that they tune in to the show primarily to see him. His charm drives the series, and everyone has grown incredibly fond of him. However, as Jackson continues to grow, things are changing. He is becoming more aware of how he differs from his peers and is starting to recognize his dwarfism.

In an exclusive clip from Today, Jackson asked Zach why one of his average-sized friends couldn’t participate in a football tournament organized by The Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA). Zach simply explained to his son that his friend wasn’t a dwarf. Unfortunately, Jackson didn’t fully grasp the concept and became even more confused, prompting him to ask his dad what it meant.

Zach did his best to explain to Jackson that God had made him that way. He admitted that he hadn’t fully prepared for such a conversation at this early stage, as the questions would keep coming. However, the LPBW star wants to be mindful of not projecting his own insecurities onto Jackson. He aims to answer his son’s questions truthfully and with care.

As Zach and Tori navigate the challenges of raising their children, including discussions about dwarfism, Little People Big World continues to offer a glimpse into their unique family dynamics. The show allows viewers to witness the love, support, and thoughtful conversations that take place within the Roloff family.

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