Whitney Way Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL), has introduced fans to various friends and family members over the years. However, her relationship with Todd has always been unique. Todd has been a long-time friend and dance partner to Whitney, and they have faced their fair share of ups and downs together. Despite it all, they have consistently shown up for each other.

Viewers of the show have witnessed the two best friends working through misunderstandings and conflicts. Recently, a fan took to Reddit to share evidence suggesting that the show is scripted, including Todd’s lateness. The fan noted that Todd has not been active on social media since 2019 but continues to like and reply to comments from that time. The fan shared a screenshot of Todd explaining that the producers intentionally told him the wrong timings to create drama and make the show more interesting. Many MBFFL fans supported Todd’s claims, citing his background as a professional dancer who wouldn’t miss his call times.

One fan stated, “I believe him, he was a professional dancer at one point. They don’t miss their call times.” Others also believed Todd, pointing out his genuine shock when they called him late. However, some fans were willing to bet on his punctuality due to his background as a theater kid, as theater kids are known for never being late. Some fans demanded justice for Todd, showing their support for his character.

Todd Beasley, an MBFFL star, has received significant support from his audience due to his authentic and genuine personality. Fans have been searching for proof of his innocence for a long time, and now they have some evidence to uncover the truth about the “Shared Party” scene from the previous season. In that scene, Todd was blindsided when he realized that the focus was solely on Whitney during what was supposed to be a shared party. A fan shared a screenshot of a comment that Todd liked, expressing sadness at the network excluding and gaslighting him at the party. The fan also called out Whitney for intentionally being selfish in the situation. Although Todd didn’t reply to the comment, his act of liking it was enough for viewers to take notice.

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