Seeking Sister Wife’s newest addition, Nathalia, is distancing herself from Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield. Unlike Roberta, who quickly formed a bond with Dannielle during their courtship, Nathalia has struggled to connect with her. Recent developments suggest that Nathalia is making significant moves and it appears that she has no plans to move to America.

When the Merrifields were pursuing a relationship with Roberta, everything seemed to flow naturally. Despite Dannielle’s jealousy in Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, she felt a sisterhood with Roberta. However, they believed that Roberta was simply using them for money, although viewers disagreed. Now, the couple has found another Brazilian woman, Nathalia. While Garrick is content with their new partner, Dannielle continues to struggle in establishing a bond with her. Later in the season, Dannielle leaves for a month and returns with shocking news.

Recent reports indicate that Nathalia has made significant moves, but they do not involve relocating to America. According to a Reddit thread, she has officially become a lawyer in Brazil. The original poster shared, “She’s Atty. Nathalia Lima now because she has a Lawyer ID Card by Brazilian Bar Association (OAB).” The thread even included a photo of Nathalia proudly holding up her certificate, radiating elegance.

This season of Seeking Sister Wife has been particularly challenging, as Garrick is still active on dating sites. Although he claims not to be talking to anyone else, it deeply disturbs both Dannielle and Nathalia. This could be a deciding factor for Nathalia to leave the plural relationship. Followers of the show expressed their support for Nathalia’s legal career, with comments such as, “Thank the Poly Gods she escaped! Good for her!” and “Way to go Nathalia! Getting away from the Ick and getting her law license!”

Fans hope that Nathalia will follow in Roberta’s footsteps and stand up for herself, refusing to be labeled as a scammer. They also expect her to receive the TLC money owed to her by Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield without backing down. One of her classmates mentioned that she is highly intelligent and they have become close friends, indicating that she has a strong support system, even within the Seeking Sister Wife community. Many are perplexed as to how she got entangled with the Merrifields in the first place.

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