David and Sheila, a beloved couple from 90 Day Fiance, have gained a significant following and have managed to avoid much hate from viewers. Their genuine and wholesome storyline captured the hearts of fans. The couple’s drama-free and sincere love story has been captivating since the beginning. David and Sheila’s journey began when they connected through a Facebook group for deaf singles.

Their instant connection led them to join the TLC show with the intention of getting married. However, since the finale of Before the 90 Days, David has been awaiting approval for Sheila’s visa. They spent months apart after David returned to America. Finally, the couple has been reunited in the Philippines after not seeing each other for an extended period. However, Sheila recently faced criticism from fans due to her habits.

Sheila and David, stars of 90 Day Fiance, had been separated for several months, eagerly anticipating their reunion since the end of Before the 90 Day Season 6. Despite the challenges, the couple remained committed to each other, relying on social media to sustain their long-distance relationship.

Finally, after months apart, the TLC stars were reunited. While Sheila is still waiting for an update on her American visa, David made sure to visit her in the Philippines. The couple has been sharing updates about their reunion on social media. Recently, David posted several photos from their beach visit, including pictures of him and Sheila enjoying their time together.

While most fans were delighted to see the couple enjoying their time together, a significant number of followers criticized Sheila for being spotted with a cigarette. One fan commented, “Sheila smoking?” Additionally, some fans suggested that reality TV personalities should quit smoking and lose weight. Others speculated that Sheila couldn’t be pregnant after seeing her smoking.

It’s important to note that criticism from fans should be taken with a grain of salt, as everyone has their own opinions and biases. Ultimately, the couple’s relationship and personal choices are up to them, and it’s essential to respect their autonomy.

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