Justin Ryan Cunneen, known from the reality show Seeking Sister Wife, reportedly made a bid for political office in Texas. It has been revealed that he ran for Governor with the intention of removing the incumbent from office, and Becky, his wife, even supported his campaign efforts. Let’s delve into the details.

Becky and her husband have been struggling to find another wife to join their family, as their search has been unsuccessful thus far. Interestingly, Becky, who grew up in a polygamous environment, doesn’t mind her husband meeting other women in bars. The fifth season of the TLC show revealed that they were unable to find a sister wife. The couple was even spotted on a dating site specifically catering to polygamists.

Recent news about the Seeking Sister Wife couple shed light on a different aspect of their lives, rather than solely focusing on their quest for a new wife. Reports emerged linking Becky and Justin’s family to Tony Alamo. Becky’s mother, Sharon, left Becky’s biological father, and Tony Alamo, whose church promoted underage marriages, raised her daughter. Remarkably, Becky was only 16 years old when she married Justin.

Around 12 days ago, a TLC fan shared a Facebook campaign page created by Becky in 2022. The original poster stated:

“Justin Cunneen for Texas Governor… This is Justin, as in Justin & Becky. The couple where she asked a woman in a bar to date her husband.”

Upon visiting the Facebook page, a picture was discovered showing Justin Ryan and Becky campaigning at a bar—the same bar where they had previously met a potential sister wife on Seeking Sister Wife.

Starcasm, a news outlet, investigated the story and recently reported some facts regarding Justin Ryan’s campaign. Surprisingly, his campaign biography made no mention of Tony Alamo or their connection to polygamy. Instead, he positioned himself as a Christian candidate standing for family values and vowing to “champion the rights of all Texans.” Additional information about the Seeking Sister Wife star includes the following:

  • Justin did not make it onto the November 2022 ballot for Texas Governor.
  • The election results included two write-in candidates, but Justin was not one of them.
  • He ran as an independent candidate, and Ballotpedia lists Justin as one of the “withdrawn or disqualified” candidates.

Justin Ryan Cunneen’s foray into politics as a candidate for Governor of Texas adds an unexpected twist to the Seeking Sister Wife stars’ story, showcasing a different side of their lives beyond their search for a sister wife.

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