Moriah Plath, known for her appearance on the TLC show Welcome to Plathville, surprised her fans this week with a new look that garnered admiration from many. The reality star, who typically opts for dark colors, showcased a vibrant and colorful style, receiving numerous positive comments on her social media. Let’s dive into the details of her new look.

Moriah Plath’s Transformation Post-Breakup

As the younger sister of Ethan Plath, Moriah Plath has always identified herself as a rebel, embarking on a journey to explore a new life outside of her strict upbringing. However, her rebellious phase was short-lived when her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, cheated on her and moved on with someone else. This left Moriah feeling unhappy, prompting TLC viewers to express concerns about her mental well-being.

In the previous season of Welcome to Plathville, Moriah faced criticism for her decisions, including walking out on Ethan, arguing about rent, and accusing Olivia Plath of stealing her music. Seeking peace, she returned to her father, Barry Plath, and decided to get baptized. Many believe that this decision, along with other changes she made, has had a positive impact, as evident in her new look.

A Style Transformation for the Welcome to Plathville Star

On March 3, Moriah took to Instagram to share photos of herself with her sister, Amber. In these pictures, the TLC star appeared radiant and joyful, wearing a colorful dress with bold blue tones and complementing it with vibrant red lips. This departure from her usual dark style caught the attention of her followers.

Although the photos were not accompanied by any music, Moriah mentioned in the comments that she loves “Lauren Alaina” and that the song has been her favorite since her teenage years. In her caption, she wrote:

“Forever our song 🎶🌷🌹
I love you Amber 🖤”

Moriah’s new look surprised fans of Welcome to Plathville, and they expressed their reactions and love in the comments section:

“You are both beautiful! I love your blue dress, Moriah!”
“I’m obsessed with you in all black, but this pop of color is just divine. 😍 Love your sister in that black jumpsuit.”
“This color is absolutely stunning on you! 😮 You should wear this color more often. 🔥”
“You look gorgeous! Blue is your color.”
“The red shoes and lipstick are so you! 🔥🔥🔥”
“That blue is your color!!”
“Oh, Moriah, you should wear color more often. Just stunning. You could also probably be the next Cinderella at Disney!”

While some TLC viewers felt that the red lipstick was too intense, the overall sentiment was positive, and most people did not have any complaints.

Moriah Plath’s new look has certainly made an impression on her fans, sparking conversations and generating admiration for her vibrant and colorful style.

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