Big Ed has been a controversial figure among 90 Day Fiancé fans for quite some time, starting with his relationship with Rose Vega and later with Liz Woods. His mistreatment of both women has earned him the reputation of being the show’s villain. Recent rumors suggest that Big Ed and Liz have ended their relationship.

In an effort to rebuild himself, Big Ed has been focusing on his personal well-being. Fans were surprised to see him looking noticeably healthier and more fit in his latest videos, a stark contrast to his previous appearances with swollen eyes and a hungover look. What has Big Ed been up to?

Big Ed’s journey on 90 Day Fiancé has been marred by continuous problems, leading many fans to believe that Rose Vega was wise to leave him as soon as she discovered his true character. Sadly, it appears that Liz Woods also decided to end her association with Big Ed, as indicated by her boyfriend reveal on social media and the circulating rumors.

Initially, Big Ed appeared disheveled and heartbroken during his live social media sessions. However, he has managed to turn things around. In a recent Instagram post, he shared his gym workouts, showcasing his bicep curls and flexing his arms in front of the mirror.

While some people praised his physical transformation, others emphasized that it is his personality that needs improvement rather than his physique. Despite the negative comments from some 90 Day Fiancé fans, Big Ed seems unfazed and proud of the progress he has made in losing 19 pounds over the past few months.

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