As the new season of My 600 Lb Life introduces fresh cast members and compelling stories, fans eagerly await episode 7, which highlights Charles and his pursuit of weight loss.

Charles’s journey began with a transition from drug addiction to food addiction. Seeking Dr. Now’s expertise, he hopes to overcome his struggles and shed excess weight. Charles experiences intense self-consciousness when venturing outside, making his decision to embark on a plane ride to Houston a significant and courageous step. However, this journey quickly becomes excruciating as he endures severe knee pain, causing him tremendous agony.

In episode 7 of the new season, Charles, previously immobilized by his food addiction, shares his story. Weighing over 600 pounds and possessing a BMI above 100, he heavily relies on his brother for assistance with everyday tasks. Charles’s discomfort in public stems from his fear of being scrutinized by others. Despite these challenges, he takes a leap of faith, boarding a plane bound for Houston to meet Dr. Now and seek the help he desperately needs.

A preview clip from Access Hollywood provides a glimpse of Charles in a wheelchair, being pushed by his supportive brother through the airport. Aware of the arduous journey ahead, Charles expresses that his body is already aching, and he struggles to breathe. However, the subsequent scene takes a distressing turn. Despite the difficulties at the airport, Charles manages to board the plane and find his seat. Yet, his hopes are shattered as he experiences unbearable knee pain, describing it as an explosion of agony.

While most participants on the show typically travel by car to visit Dr. Now, Charles’s circumstances require him to take a flight. His worst fear is becoming trapped in the airplane seat, with concerns that the staff may need to call paramedics for assistance. Unfortunately, some of his fears manifest as his knee undergoes excruciating pain, intensifying the challenges he faces during this daunting journey.

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