On April 21, Meri Brown took a moment to commemorate what would have been her 34th wedding anniversary with Kody Brown, her estranged husband from the reality show Sister Wives. Despite their current status, Meri expressed that the day still evoked a “plethora of emotions” for her. She decided to share her thoughts about her marriage and divorce with her social media followers.

Meri Brown acknowledged the polarizing nature of her family’s dynamic and expressed that she never anticipated her marriage would end in divorce. However, she stated that she has no regrets about either her marriage or her subsequent divorce. Reflecting on the years, Meri recognized areas where she could have done better, instances where she did her best, moments where she fell short of her potential, and times when she loved wholeheartedly.

Grateful for the experiences and lessons learned, Meri shared a shift in her perspective. Instead of viewing the end of her marriage as a personal failure, she chose to see it as a transformative journey that shaped her into a strong and determined woman pursuing her dreams. Meri has embarked on various endeavors she never thought possible, discovering new dreams along the way. She emphasized that she has built her own path and surrounded herself with people who genuinely appreciate her.

While Meri acknowledged that April 21 will always serve as a reminder of her marriage to Kody, she expressed a lack of bitterness or sadness. Instead, she views it as an opportunity to reflect on a significant part of her life, embracing the lessons and experiences that came with it. Meri concluded her post by declaring that she will move forward, considering April 21 as a new beginning on the right track—one she should have always pursued.

Kody and Meri Brown officially announced their split in January 2023 after facing marital issues for several years.

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