Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield, known for their appearances on the reality show ‘Seeking Sister Wife,’ have consistently faced criticism throughout their three seasons on the show. Garrick’s attempts to justify having multiple wives using religious reasons have been met with skepticism from viewers, who believe it is merely a way for him to engage in multiple relationships. Furthermore, he often dismisses Dannielle’s concerns when she tries to express her feelings. In the current season, the Merrifields are courting a new potential sister wife named Nathalia, as their previous prospect, Roberta, backed out. However, Dannielle feels a lack of connection with Nathalia, which causes her distress.

Despite Dannielle’s worries, Garrick shows little regard for her concerns and travels to Brazil for a month to be with his new fiancée. Given the negative reception Garrick has received, fans speculate whether the Merrifields are resorting to drastic measures to stay relevant. A Reddit thread was started to discuss this issue, suggesting that the couple’s livestreams could be a last-ditch effort to remain on the show. Some fans expressed their belief that TLC might consider cutting them from future seasons due to dwindling support.

The couple’s livestreams were criticized for avoiding tough questions and instead crafting a narrative that suits their desired image, leaving viewers anticipating more outrageous developments. However, followers of the show were divided in their opinions. Some found the Merrifields’ turbulent relationship and dramatic moments entertaining, believing that TLC would not let go of their best source of drama as long as people continued to watch and discuss them.

While the general consensus leaned toward the Merrifields staying on the show, concerns were raised about the involvement of their two sons. Fans expressed unease about the impact of their parents’ choices on these innocent children, emphasizing that they should not be subjected to the consequences of their parents’ actions.

In conclusion, the Merrifields have found controversy to be a means of maintaining relevance on ‘Seeking Sister Wife.’ While their actions and relationship dynamics have drawn significant attention and discussion, concerns remain about the impact on their children.

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