Chris Combs, known for his appearance on the show 1000-Lb Sisters, has been making incredible progress in his weight loss journey. Although he cannot disclose specific numbers due to his TLC contract, it is evident that he is on the right path. In the past year, Chris has participated in a 5K and continues to work towards skin removal surgery.

While fans eagerly await the new season for more details about Chris’ personal journey, he has been happily sharing photos of his progress with his followers. In his latest picture, the transformation is remarkable.

Since joining the cast of 1000-Lb Sisters, Chris has garnered a dedicated following who appreciate his calm demeanor and level-headedness among his fiery sisters. They admire his determination and strong work ethic in making positive changes in his life.

Chris recently shared a photo comparison on his Instagram story, showcasing his weight loss journey from the summer of 2019 to the present. Although fan comments were not publicly visible, the results speak for themselves. Fans are thrilled to see Chris’s tremendous success so far in his weight loss journey.

In a collaboration with Dr. Eric Smith, Chris opened up about how his weight loss journey has completely transformed his life. Not only has he achieved physical health improvements, but he also acknowledges the positive impact on his mental well-being.

Recognizing the strong connection between mental health and obesity, Chris and Dr. Smith emphasized the importance of comprehensive care and support for better mental and physical health. Chris expressed how adopting a healthier lifestyle has completely changed him as a person.

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters flooded the comments section with messages of encouragement and admiration for Chris. They praised him as an inspiration and commended his role as a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. His positive attitude and sense of humor were also highly appreciated by viewers.

The support and love from fans have been overwhelming, with many expressing gratitude for Chris sharing his story and allowing them to be a part of his journey.

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