Rob Warne, known from 90 Day Fiancé, recently took to his Instagram Stories to address questions from fans. The 33-year-old reality star has been providing updates about his life over the past few weeks while he is currently in Colombia with friends, including a fellow cast member. This has sparked speculation about the status of his marriage with Sophie Sierra, leading fans to hope for some clarification. Let’s take a closer look at his surprising statements.

Rob has been actively engaged in Colombia, spending time with his co-star, Josh Weinstein. While Rob hasn’t revealed the exact purpose of his trip to Colombia, there have been speculations that he may be signing with Josh’s modeling agency. Alternatively, some have suggested that Rob might be exploring opportunities in the adult film industry, as Josh is reportedly involved in that field. However, it appears that their time together is primarily for enjoyment. Rob recently shared a video clip of them dancing to a song by the popular boy band NSYNC.

In one of his Instagram Stories, Rob addressed several questions about his relationship with Sophie. According to Rob, their relationship will not improve if Sophie continues to discuss their issues with her mother and friends. It seems that external parties are getting involved in their conflicts rather than helping them resolve their problems. Sophie has expressed concerns about Rob’s past behavior of engaging with other women online while they were in a long-distance relationship. However, Rob himself has trust issues with the people around Sophie, further complicating their situation.

Rob also called out Sophie’s mother, who has been involved in their disputes throughout the season. Their feud escalated to the point where Sophie’s mother even released a shocking video of Rob shouting at his wife. Rob believes that his mother-in-law should not meddle in their marital problems but instead support them in finding a resolution. In another Instagram Stories post, Rob agreed with a fan’s observation that Sophie’s mother can dish out criticism but cannot handle any response directed back at her. He added, “She dishes like a mudslide but can’t take even a sprinkle of it back at her.”

As Rob’s Q&A session provided some insight into his relationship with Sophie and the involvement of external parties, fans are left with a better understanding of the challenges they are facing.

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