Amani, the nephew of Deon Derrico and a featured member of the show Doubling Down With the Derricos, is in need of prayers following a surgery. Last year, Amani made his debut on the TLC show, and now his health has taken a turn for the worse. Let’s dive into the latest updates.

Deon Derrico, the patriarch of the Derrico family, reached out to TLC fans, asking for their prayers as his nephew underwent liver surgery. While the exact cause of Amani’s health issues remains unknown, Deon expressed that Amani has not been well this year. Many devoted fans, known as “prayer warriors,” eagerly awaited updates on his condition.

Deon initially shared that the surgery went well and Amani was stable and resting. However, in the past few hours, the situation took a negative turn. Deon took to his Instagram profile to share the distressing news. He revealed that there were complications with the new liver, unrelated to rejection. This offers some hope that Amani may be eligible for another liver transplant.

Expressing his sadness, Deon explained that the current liver will need to be removed from Amani’s body, and he will be placed back on the waiting list for a new liver transplant. He expressed his gratitude for the support and requested prayers once again. Deon promised to keep everyone informed about Amani’s progress.

TLC fans flooded the comments section of Deon’s post, offering their prayers and support for Amani and his family during this challenging time. They expressed their hopes for Amani’s healing and offered comforting words for the family.

While Amani’s health struggles continue, thoughts are also with Marian “GG” Derrico, who is facing her own health issues. Additionally, she recently discovered that her late son, Chris, had fathered another grandchild, adding to the family’s emotional journey.

As fans rally together in prayer and support, the Derrico family remains hopeful and appreciative of the love and well wishes they receive.

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