In addition to his skillful football moves, Messi also inspires admiration for his luxurious travels. The Argentinian star often travels with his family to unique places with stunning landscapes and architecture. When he shares about his trips, the online community looks up to the famous superstar. Messi frequently invites his former teammate, Cesc Fabregas, to join him on these trips, and both families accompany each other on sea trips, capturing memorable moments with charming landscapes.

Ibiza, Spain, is dubbed the “playboy” paradise of the football world, famous for its beautiful beaches and free-spirited parties. Fans have seen Messi and the Fabregas families relaxing together on this island. The superstar often appears in Ibiza on a luxury yacht, enjoying the sunshine of the pearl island. In 2017, he had a lavish dinner, spending more than £37,330 at a local restaurant. Messi loves the atmosphere and natural scenery in Ibiza, which is also the favorite place of many famous players such as Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, and Roberto Firmino.

Formentera, Spain, is another beautiful island that the Messi family loves. He also accompanied the Fabregas family to enjoy his lavish vacations. In two consecutive years 2018, 2019, and most recently in 2022, the paparazzi caught the number 10 of the Argentine team carrying his yacht.

Perhaps the blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine are the favorite placesof talented male players, and the Caribbean region is no exception, with countless beautiful islands scattered. The Argentine genius likes the island of Antigua the most, home to the famous Jumby Bay resort where the superstar couple enjoyed their honeymoon. This luxury resort is extremely comfortable and has a rather expensive price. The star and his family enjoyed a break with the clear blue water during short breaks before returning to the club.

During his time at the Barcelona club, Messi secretly visited Disneyland with his family in Paris. Also, in dreamy France, he chose a luxury resort to rest with his family. After the final match to help Argentina win the Copa America, the superstar chose the United States as a tourist destination. Here, Messi and his family rested at the most luxurious hotel in Florida.

The press and fans are both anticipating where the famous family will end up next. According to the Daily Mail, Messi and his family returned to his hometown of Argentina to celebrate the championship with his teammates. The extremely large hotel that Messi built in his hometown Rosario is a familiar place for the family, and many walls in the city are filled with the imprint and image of the talented player. However, this city is still not popular with tourists because it is still quite dangerous, and the crime rate has not decreased. Almost every year, Messi takes time to return to his homeland.

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