MANCHESTER United may have fallen short of winning the league – but their manager Erik ten Hag has still trounced all rivals.

The 53-year-old boss has been ranked the hottest manager of all time in a new survey, backed by science.

Sports boffins at ticket site SeatPick used the geometric “golden ratio” theory of attractiveness to come up with their Sexiest Footie Bosses league table, with experts using AI to analyse their faces for sexiness.

Their ratings also take into account managers’ net worth, as well as their height and the number of tweets referring to them as “sexy”.

Dutchman ten Hag topped the table, scoring 7.78 out of ten in the sexiness stakes, with Arsenal gaffer Mikel Arteta, 41, bagging second place with a score of 7.35.

Man City’s Pep Guardiola, 52 — who turned heads this week when his team demolished Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final — shares third place with Chelsea’s former “Special One” Jose Mourinho, 60.

Perhaps more surprising additions include ex-Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, 73, and former Newcastle United manager and mullet fan Kevin Keegan, 72, who beat heart-throb Frank Lampard, 44, and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp, 55, to make it into the top ten.

Here we list the top ten and their golden ratio score.

And Wag Nicola McClean, wife of former footballer Tom Williams, gives her verdict on each fella.

1. Erik ten Hag Man Utd, 7.78

THE Red Devils leader is the full package – handsome, looks good in a suit and his managerial skills make him attractive.

I can see why he topped the chart.

Man Utd’s Erik ten Hag topped the chart with 7.78

I prefer men with hair but I get why women think he’s fit.

He looks domineering, which is appealing too.

2. Mikel Arteta Arsenal, 7.35

I CAN’T say anything nice about Arsenal, they’re my least favourite team.

But Mikel is the best looking manager.

Mikel Arteta is the best looking manager

He is my type – dark and handsome.

And it looks like he joined me in Turkey for those teeth. A great smile.

3  . Pep Guardiola Man City, 7.07

A MAN who makes ladies swoon, class Pep has it all – and I like his facial hair.

Fans’ eyes will be glued to the pitch when his lads play the Champions League final, but I’m sure the ladies won’t be able to take theirs off him.

The ladies won’t be able to take their eyes off Pep Guardiola

3 . Jose Mourinho Roma, 7.07

THE Special One is like Marmite but I love an arrogant, confident man.

I could listen to his voice all day.

Jose Mourinho is an arrogant, confident man

He’s the most intriguing of them all – and he’s my number one.

5. Carlo Ancelotti Real Madrid, 7.02

JUST no. Unless you want a rich sugar daddy, I have no idea how any woman could choose him.

What is he even doing here?

Carlo Ancelotti looks like a rich sugar daddyCredit: Kenny Ramsay

He makes Keegan look like David Gandy.

6. Steven Gerrard ex-Aston Villa, 6.77

I LOVE Gerrard. His wife Alex is one of the best Wags ever too.

Any bloke whose wife loves dancing on tables must have good banter, which is also very attractive.

Steven Gerrard has good banter which is attractiveCredit: Getty

7. Arsene Wenger ex-Arsenal, 6.76

I DON’T like Arsenal and I don’t like Arsene. He’s grumpy, which is unattractive.

The stress of managing Arsenal has aged him.

The stress of managing Arsenal has aged Arsene WengerCredit: PA:Press Association

A bit of Botox wouldn’t go amiss, either.

8. David Moyes West Ham, 6.46

HE manages my team and when we go to matches he is very entertaining.

He is passionate on the sidelines and not afraid to question the referees.

David Moyes is passionate on the sidelines and not afraid to question the refereesCredit: Getty

Is he good looking? No.

But he has a lot going for him and is one of my favourites.

9. Rafael Benitez ex-Everton, 6.24

HOW on earth has this guy made it?

There is nothing attractive about the ex-Everton and Liverpool boss. I’m speechless.

There is nothing attractive about Rafael BenitezCredit: Getty

It really shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder if Rafael is in the top ten and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp isn’t.

10. Kevin Keegan ex-Newcastle, 5.60

I AM seriously shocked – but he did make the hideous mullet famous back in the day so he deserves a medal for that.

I’d give him an eight out of ten for nostalgia, and in my fantasy fitties league he’s above Wenger and Benitez.

Kevin Keegan made the hideous mullet famous back in the day


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