With just two days to go until 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ Riley was scheduled to return home to the U.S., he tried — and pretty intensely failed – to make the most of his remaining time with Vietnamese girlfriend Violet.

During a walk through a food market, Riley tried durian, a light green, spiky fruit that he absolutely hated. “No offense to anyone out there who likes durian fruit,” he said. “I’m just saying for me, it tasted like if I imagined eating my dog’s excrement, but I sautéed it in garlic butter first.”

Taking a moment to sit down, Riley admitted he was overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of the market. This didn’t sit well with Violet, who felt he “always destroys our good moments.”

When the pair flew kites the day before, for instance, they bickered over Violet having sent some disparaging texts to Riley’s dad.

During their chat, the subject of Riley’s exes also came up. Violet wanted to hear more about his romantic past, which she quickly learned included a very negative experience.

“One of my exes made me believe I was going crazy,” Riley explained. “I used to hear her on the phone with another person, and she would say, ‘I love you.’ I would go, ‘Who is that? … She would say, ‘No one. It wasn’t [anyone]. It’s in your mind. ‘ Then I went to visit her, and there was a guy in her closet, and I knew the guy. So I don’t trust anyone — especially I don’t trust women.”

“So you met a bad love,” Violet said. “You cannot think every woman [is] bad too.”

“It’s not that I think that every woman is bad, but you have to earn my trust,” Riley said. “And once you have it, and you do something to break my trust, it takes a lot to gain it back. The only way you can help me earn your trust back is by me asking questions. But you get upset because it’s the questions about the past.”

Things finally seemed to click for Violet at that moment, and it’s then that Riley asked her whether she regretted texting his dad. She apologized.
“It’s not easy for Violet to accept she’s wrong,” he said, adding, “It’s a big thing.”

Later, the two rode a double-decker bus together. Violet was already sad Riley was leaving. “Even though these two weeks weren’t perfect, I now understand him more, and I believe that Riley is a good man,” she said later in a confessional interview. “I hope that even though Riley is far away, our relationship will grow stronger and more connected.”

As the bus passed skyscrapers, parks and bridges, they discussed how far they’d come over the last two weeks. “No matter how many arguments we’ve had, no matter how many outbursts, we’ve always come back together, so that means something right?” Riley wondered.
That’s the moment Riley decided to put “all his cards on the table,” confessing he had initially hired a private investigator to look into her background — something he ultimately decided not to go through with.

“I thought about it, but I didn’t do it,” he admitted, adding, “We weren’t communicating properly.”

Unsurprisingly, Violet became visibly upset. “We are not suitable together if you do that,” she responded.

Riley explained the reason he even brought it up at all was because he wanted to be “100 percent honest” with her — even if that honesty meant disclosing some unsettling truths.

“I understand that in your country, it’s considered disrespectful, but in my country, in my culture, it is something that we do,” Riley said, trying to justify his actions. “We check on people so we know they are who they say they are. It is a common thing in our country.”

But having met Violet, Riley explained he no longer needed to do things like that. “I believe if we communicate properly, we can solve any problems,” he said. “We can accomplish anything together.”

Violet understood but still wanted to cut the sightseeing short because she felt “truly sad, shocked and hurt” by Riley’s revelations.

“He never believed and respected me,” she said in a confessional interview. “I have given Riley so many opportunities, but today when I learned about this secret, I feel like my relationship with him cannot develop any further.”

By Mo Mo

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