According to recent updates, Tammy Slaton from 1000 Lb Sisters has made significant progress in her weight loss journey, reaching 334 lbs after weighing 717 lbs at her heaviest. However, she faced a tragic loss with the passing of her husband, Caleb Willingham, last month. Fans have expressed concerns about the possibility of Tammy relapsing into old habits after such a tragedy. On the other hand, Amy Slaton is currently going through divorce proceedings with Michael Halterman.

Regarding the filming status of the new season, Tammy Slaton has opened up about it. It has been confirmed that Season 4 has finished filming. Tammy’s half-sister, Amanda Halterman, also hinted to fans that they could expect the new episodes in December. However, it remains uncertain if there will be a Season 5. Tammy has undergone significant lifestyle changes in recent months and has expressed her desire to become a model representing the plus-size community. She was unhappy with the way TLC handled Caleb’s death, feeling that it was portrayed unrealistically sad for the audience of 1000 Lb Sisters. As of now, the cast members have not made any claims about another season, and it is possible that the network wishes to keep it under wraps.

In an AMA session on TikTok, Tammy Slaton revealed that there will be a Part 2 for Season 4 instead of filming Season 5. She explained that her wedding was a lengthy topic that couldn’t be covered in a single season, so the network decided to divide it into two parts for better audience understanding. It remains to be seen if TLC has plans for another season beyond Season 4 Part 2.

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