Whitney Way Thore, star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” is sharing her experience and the joys of discovering her new sisterhood. In Season 11, viewers will have the opportunity to meet Whitney’s long-lost half-sister. Since coming face to face with her unknown sibling, Whitney reflects on the changes and adjustments that have taken place.

Whitney had no knowledge of having another sibling besides her brother, Hunter, for many years. However, after her mother Babs passed away in December 2022, her father Glenn felt a sense of uncertainty and decided to embark on new adventures. Part of this journey involved meeting his daughter from a previous relationship, Angie. In the Season 11 trailer, the family is seen visiting Angie’s home, although viewers only catch a glimpse of the back of her head. Whitney now opens up about her experiences and feelings regarding her newfound sister and the adjustments that come with it.

In an interview with E! News, Whitney shares that initially, she was okay with not caring about the new family being introduced to her life. She admits that she was in shock upon learning the news. However, her perspective shifted after meeting them, as she found them to be wonderful and fabulous. Whitney also mentions her role as an aunt and expresses gratitude for being invited to her niece’s bachelorette party. She sees these new connections as a gift and a way to mend the void left by Babs’ passing. Whitney no longer feels alone when considering her and her brother’s future, especially after their father’s eventual passing, as she now has this extended family.

While there were previous reports suggesting some scandal and resistance surrounding the reunion, it seems that both sides have reached an agreement to allow the filming of their interactions. It was reported that Babs had known about this child but had not allowed Glenn to have contact with her. However, the current picture being painted of this reunion is one of happiness and a strong bond between the siblings.

Whitney Way Thore and her new sister have seemingly embraced their newfound relationship and are experiencing the joys of being a family, regardless of the length of time they’ve known each other.

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