Fans of the reality TV show “Welcome to Plathville” have been eagerly awaiting the fifth season, which promises to deliver intense drama and family divisions. One of the major storylines revolves around the strained relationship between Moriah Plath and her sister-in-law, Olivia. In a new trailer released by TLC, Moriah opens up about the shocking reason behind her decision to cut ties with Olivia. Let’s delve into the details of their conflict and what viewers can expect from the upcoming season.

In anticipation of the new season, TLC has been releasing trailers, giving fans a glimpse of the upcoming episodes. The Plath family’s divided dynamics are set to take center stage, with Kim Plath exploring a new relationship and Barry finding a passion for working out.

One of the major storylines in Season 5 revolves around the deteriorating relationship between Moriah Plath and Olivia, her sister-in-law. The two were once close and got along well, but something has caused a significant rift between them. In the new trailer, Moriah finally sheds light on the truth behind their strained relationship.

In the clip, Moriah and her brother Micah sit down with their divorced parents, Kim and Barry, to discuss where they stand with Ethan, Moriah’s brother, and Olivia. The conversation reveals that Olivia dislikes the way the Plath children were raised, and Barry goes as far as claiming that Olivia has “brainwashed” Ethan into siding with her instead of his own parents.

In a confessional, Moriah shares her side of the story, stating that her friendship with Olivia is not improving. She reveals that Olivia has been making derogatory remarks about her parents for years, and the situation has only worsened over time. Moriah asserts that lies are being told, and she wants to play her part in setting things right.

The trailer also touches upon the incident involving a credit card. Olivia had previously accused Kim of using Ethan’s credit card and stealing a significant amount of money. However, Moriah expresses disbelief in Olivia’s claims, stating that the story was fabricated to validate Olivia’s intense emotions.

Concluding the trailer, Moriah announces that she is done listening to Olivia’s lies, suggesting that their relationship has reached a breaking point.

Fans of “Welcome to Plathville” can expect a season filled with intense drama as the conflict between Moriah Plath and Olivia unfolds. The shocking reason behind their estrangement, as revealed in the trailer, has left viewers intrigued and eager to watch the new season.

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