The shocking aspect mentioned in the article is that it was the first time Alex Johnston, the youngest son of the 7 Little Johnstons family, attended a Georgia Bulldogs football game with his older brother, Jonah. The article states that their mother, Amber, shared this information on social media, which surprised TLC fans.

The shock comes from the fact that Alex, being a part of a sports-loving family, had never experienced watching a Bulldogs game in person with his brother Jonah before. It’s worth noting that Alex had been to football games in the past, as shown on the show when he overcame his fear of heights during a game. However, this particular game with Jonah was a new experience for him.

Fans expressed their surprise and discussed the significance of this “first time” on social media. Some fans hoped that the moment would be included in an episode of the show, as it would showcase the bond between the brothers and the family dynamics. Others speculated that it might be a playful way for the family to engage with their fans, considering their support for the Bulldogs.

Overall, the article highlights the joyous occasion of Alex attending the football game with Jonah and the fans’ reactions to this new experience for him.

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