The highly anticipated fifth season of Welcome to Plathville is set to premiere this week, and fans are bracing themselves for another season filled with drama. TLC has released a few sneak peeks that have already piqued viewers’ interest, including a contentious claim made by Barry Plath about his daughter-in-law, Olivia. Here are the details.

TLC has renewed Welcome to Plathville for its fifth season, and fans are eagerly awaiting its premiere. The first episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, September 5, at 10/9c on TLC.

This season will delve into the lives of Barry and Kim Plath as they navigate life post-divorce. Kim is entering the dating scene, while Barry has found other ways to occupy his time. The Plath children are also heading in various directions with their relationships and personal growth. After a break from TLC, fans are excited to catch up with the Plath family.

In an exclusive clip shared by People ahead of the new season, Moriah and Micah sit down with Kim and Barry Plath to discuss their relationship with Ethan and Olivia.

During the conversation, Micah expresses his belief that Olivia has always despised the way they were raised and has spoken poorly about it. He further states that Ethan seems to have absorbed those negative sentiments. Fans have witnessed glimpses of this discord on previous episodes of Welcome to Plathville.

Barry then makes a bold accusation about Olivia, claiming that her actions amount to “brainwashing.” This remark sheds light on the strained dynamics between Olivia and the Plath family.

Moriah Plath also reveals why she is no longer close to her sister-in-law, Olivia. Moriah believes that Olivia is fabricating lies about the family, which may be pushing Ethan further away from his parents and siblings.

This preview clip only offers a glimpse of the chaos and drama that lies ahead in the new season. Viewers are encouraged to tune in to witness how the rest of the conversation unfolds.

The question remains: Do you believe Olivia has truly influenced and “brainwashed” Ethan, as Barry suggests? The upcoming season of Welcome to Plathville promises to shed more light on this contentious issue.

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