While Sarper claimed on Monday’s ‘The Other Way’ that Shekinah had inspired him to stay faithful after a years-long sex spree, Brandan and Julio seemed to hit insurmountable relationship obstacles

Where one relationship blossomed, another came to an end on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

As Kimberly and TJ began finalizing the last details of their wedding, the tension between her and his family grew after she wore ripped jeans while visiting their home. When the drama from the events of last week resurfaced, things grew to be too much as she claimed she wouldn’t be a part of a “toxic household.”

After weeks of uncertainty with Julio’s move to the Netherlands, the fate of his relationship with Kirsten hung heavy in the air after he announced his decision to stay in America. Mary and Brandan had a serious discussion about money after he confessed he didn’t have enough to cover their bills after sending her $70,000 to build her home.

Meanwhile, Shekinah and Sarper remained blissfully happy. Sarper revealed he was ready to let go of his “playboy” ways in order to win over Shekinah for good.

Find out more about each couple on Monday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Kimberly and TJ

With the couple’s wedding four days away, Kimberly and TJ took a trip to visit their venue for the first time. Despite the explosive fight she had with TJ’s brother Yash, the Alabama native remained positive about their impending nuptials and they met with the decorator to finalize the last details.

Kimberly told the vendor she’d prefer light pink and white details, rather than the hot pink chairs she saw lying around the venue. In a confessional interview, she admitted she’d always pictured her “dream wedding” to be in a “forest with lights hanging from the trees [and] candles everywhere. Lots of white with ballet pink accents.”

“But in India, you go all out. It’s every color!” she added before noting she had a “good feeling” about the venue.

With Kimberly’s demand for perfection, TJ admitted he felt nervous about what she would think of the final ceremony as he planned most of the details when she was in America.

“I’m happy that she’s excited about the wedding,” he told the cameras. “But I’m worried on the other hand, because she’s so specific about the things she wants. [She wants] perfection and everything.”

TJ continued, “There are a lot of things which are different in Indian weddings than American weddings. And because she was not that much involved in the wedding planning, I’m worried during the wedding day she might find something she may get upset about and ruin the wedding festivities.”

In an attempt to reconcile their differences from the night before, Kimberly joined TJ to speak with Yash and his mother and father to clear up any misunderstandings ahead of her father’s visit. But as soon as Kimberly entered the room, her future mother-in-law took issue with her ripped jeans and demanded she learn some “manners” and adhere to Indian customs.

“You need to stop for a bit, have some patience,” TJ defended his intended as Yash began to add to the pile on.

When he asked if they had any intentions of resolving matters, TJ’s mother feigned innocence on Yash’s behalf and claimed Kimberly was being “obnoxious” and making “baseless accusations.”

Tension began to rise and things became too much for Kimberly, who exited the room.

“The one thing I wanted was not to be stuck in the middle of people yelling at me or about me in a foreign language that I don’t understand. They’re just being rude,” she told cameras. “I’m worried about TJ. I feel bad because I feel like this is all my fault, but I won’t live in this environment. I grew up in a toxic household. I’m not doing it again.”

Kirsten and Julio

Kirsten and Julio came to the end of the road when he announced his decision to stay in America despite his promise to move to the Netherlands.

“A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with Kirsten and I told her that I couldn’t move to the Netherlands anytime soon,” Julio explained in a confessional. “She’s upset right now, but I had a conversation with my mom and she basically told me not to leave.”

He shared that “right now” is a “difficult time for my brothers” and opened up about his mom’s plans to have him help her “keep them on the straight path.”

In a video call, Kirsten asked Julio to explain what changed his mind after he “pinky promised” to return to the Netherlands when he dropped her off at the airport. After Julio took her through the chain of events, he suggested she stay back another year.

“Well, I don’t think I cannot wait another year because mentally it’s so hard for me,” she confessed before Julio suggested they end their relationship.

“I am completely shocked about his whole attitude,” Kirsten told the cameras. “Julio is just totally giving up on his relationship. It’s like he doesn’t care at all.”

When she confronted him for his lack of emotion through tears, Julio claimed she didn’t know how he would react once they ended the call. Kirsten accused him of “smiling” during their breakup when she felt like an emotional wreck.

“You don’t understand me,” she said before Julio began to scoff and shake his head. “Why are you laughing? That’s disrespectful.”

“I’m so sad. I’m emotional and here you are, making fun of me and smiling,” Kirsten continued through tears. Julio explained he wasn’t laughing but just “in disbelief” over her comments and asked to end the call which didn’t sit well with Kirsten.

“He’s acting like a complete piece of s—. I’m really hurt because I don’t know if Julio had real intentions to spend the rest of his life with me… Did he even care about me? I’m not sure anymore.”

After suggesting the best thing to do was to break up, Julio admitted, “It’s not a good feeling knowing that I broke someone’s heart.

“I feel like an a—–,” he told the cameras. “I still love Kirsten, but I think that we have to really, you know, assess the situation and really look at things for what they are. I feel like me and Kirsten were living in a fantasy world for a lot of our relationship.”

Mary and Brandan

Mary and Brandan came into a few financial woes after he confessed there wouldn’t be enough money to pay the bills the following month.

After typhoon Odette devastated her family home, Brandan sent Mary $70,000 dollars to build a new house. Though the house has been completed, Mary revealed that she had moved her grandparents into the home to accommodate their old age and she and her brother were living in the home that was ruined.

Mary showed him around before the couple sat down to talk about their financial situation. When he revealed they’d be short on their bills, Mary committed to selling necklaces while Brandon admitted it may not be enough.

“Is there any chance that we could go to your grandpa for like, a loan or something?” he asked before Mary shut down the idea of “depending on my grandparents.”

Bursting into tears, she continued, “I just don’t want to ask help anymore from him because he already sacrificed a lot. I don’t want to make him stress. He’s old, you need to understand that.”

“I definitely wasn’t expecting Mary to react this way,” Brandan confessed to the cameras. “It’s a bit much. I don’t know what he makes on the farm or what he spends money on, but I know he didn’t spend it on the house. I’m the one who did that. So a little loan could go a long ways for us.”

When Brandan brought up the ways he sacrificed to make money to send to Mary to finance her home and her data plan, she acknowledged the things he gave up to be able to provide for her while noting that his quality of life in America was much different than in the Philippines.

“I know how Brandan struggled and I wanted to cry when I saw him like that,” she said in a confessional. “But people in America have government support, like food stamps. Here in the Philippines not all people will get support. They don’t have a roof when it rains. They don’t have something to cook with and also a toilet to poop. They poop everywhere, [they] poop in the river. So he didn’t experience the real struggle here in the Philippines.”

Mary put her foot down and Brandan agreed he wouldn’t push matters any further.

He said in his own conversation with cameras, “Mary is my future, she is the one that I love and I want us to grow old together. So I’m going to make sure that we’re happy and successful. To me, all this struggling is definitely worth it.”

Shekinah and Sarper

Ahead of Shekinah’s move to Turkey, Sarper admitted he was more than smitten with her after the last time they met in person. He revealed that “everything changed for me” and shared his plans to finally move on from his bachelor lifestyle.

“I don’t want to live that life anymore,” he confessed to his friend Mete, who asked him how many women he had been with since meeting her.

“It’s probably like 2,500,” Sarper replied and told the cameras. “In my past I’ve dated lots and lots of women. Most of them are one-night stands, I danced over 600 bachelorette parties [and] half of the brides wanted to sleep with me.”

“I never thought I would settle down,” he continued. “But then I met Shekinah.”

Sarper told Mete that he had recently rejected a few women who had hit on him — something he would have never done prior to falling in love. “You know I haven’t been loyal to anyone for 43 years, but I am loyal to her,” he said.

In order to keep Shekinah in his life, Sarper revealed he was willing to “leave that lifestyle behind.”

“She deserves that,” he said in a confessional. “She wanted me to be faithful to her and I’m trying. I’ve [been] faithful for 79 days and this is the longest duration I’ve ever been faithful to a woman.”

Sharing that Shekinah is the first girl he’s ever told he’s loved, Sarper joked that she must have put a “spell” on him and admitted he couldn’t “recognize” himself anymore.

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