Danielle Busby, one of the stars of TLC’s OutDaughtered, recently took to social media to share an unpleasant encounter she had with a stranger in public. Known for being open about her life on the show and social media, Danielle couldn’t help but express her offense over the incident.

In her Instagram Stories, Danielle recounted the scenario that left her feeling unhappy and offended. She shared a photo of her quintuplets and a friend sitting at a table in McDonald’s. As she was enjoying lunch with her children, a “grumpy old man” approached her and made a comment about the number of kids she had. According to Danielle, he said it in an annoying and grumpy tone.

In response, the OutDaughtered star clapped back with a smile and informed the stranger, “Well, sir! They aren’t ALL mine! One is a friend.” She concluded her post by saying, “Have a lovely day to you too. #geeze.”

Danielle’s Instagram Stories post only allows direct responses from her followers, but it is likely that her fans are supporting and cheering her on in this situation. Sadly, encounters with rude and offensive comments, whether online or in public, are not uncommon for public figures like Danielle.

Living their lives in the public eye through their show and social media presence has made Adam and Danielle Busby subject to criticism and scrutiny. They have faced backlash for their parenting choices and various aspects of their lives. However, despite the negativity, Danielle and her children remained all smiles in the photo, showing resilience in the face of such encounters.

As the OutDaughtered family continues to share their lives with their fans, they will likely encounter both support and criticism. Danielle’s decision to share this unfortunate interaction serves as a reminder that even public figures experience offensive comments and that it’s important to address them with grace and resilience.

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