Jen Arnold, star of TLC’s “The Little Couple,” has revealed that her son, Will Klein, has been hospitalized. In an Instagram post, Jen shared a photo of herself and Will as they arrived at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she also works. She explained that Will’s hospitalization was planned in advance for a routine sleep study.

Jen mentioned that Will is spending the night in the hospital for the sleep study and expressed her pride in how well he handles these overnight studies. She used the hashtags #OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and #LPP (Little People Problems), indicating that Will may be dealing with these issues. Fans may recall seeing Will’s sleep study on the family’s TLC show in the past.

Jen’s Instagram followers immediately offered their prayers and supportive messages for Will. Many praised his bravery and expressed admiration for how much he has grown up. Fans reminisced about watching Will on “The Little Couple” over a decade ago and marveled at his transformation.

The focus now is on hoping for positive results from Will’s sleep study. Jen’s followers continue to show their love and support for Will and his family through social media. Fans can anticipate a follow-up post from Jen providing updates on Will’s condition in the near future.

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