My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s premiere on September 5th has sparked criticism from TLC fans who accuse Whitney Way Thore of exploiting her late mother, Babs. Babs played a prominent role in the previous season after suffering a stroke, which ultimately led to her passing. Viewers were already unhappy about her death being featured on the show, but airing the funeral in the new season has only intensified their disapproval.

Following her mother’s passing, Thore took to social media to explain that the family had decided to make the funeral open to the public, a decision approved by Babs’ husband, Glenn. Additionally, they agreed to include the funeral in the new season of the show. Many people expressed anger and criticized this move, but Thore defended her father, reminding critics that he reads the comments and it is unfair to say hurtful things to an elderly man.

Thore and her father compared the send-off for Babs to that of Queen Elizabeth, citing the millions of people who watched the queen’s funeral. As Babs was deeply loved by TLC fans, Glenn wanted to allow people to share in the grief by watching the funeral. However, despite their intentions, the backlash against the decision remains strong, with many accusing them of exploiting the death of a supporting character on the show.

Although Thore denied any exploitation in an interview with ET on YouTube, viewers remain unconvinced. She expressed her frustration at accusations that she profits from her mother’s death, stating that she doesn’t receive extra money for sharing her trauma on TV. However, discussions on Reddit reveal that many people believe she does profit from Babs’ passing. They argue that Thore benefits financially from entire seasons of the show centered around exploiting her mother’s story.

Concerns have also been raised about the potential airing of an “open casket” on the show, with viewers expressing their discomfort and hoping that the production avoids such intrusive footage. Commenters in the r/MyBigFatFabulousLife community have criticized Thore, referring to her as “Shameless Shitney” and expressing their reluctance to watch the new season due to these alleged exploitative elements. Some even believe that despite not making the final decision to air the funeral, Thore likely had some influence over what is included in the new season.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the airing of Babs’ funeral in the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life persists, with fans continuing to question the potential exploitation and financial gains associated with the decision.

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