Fans of the reality show Welcome to Plathville were left shocked and disappointed after glimpsing the true colors of Kim Plath’s boyfriend, Ken Palmer. Recent social media activity by Ken has shed light on his beliefs, leaving followers unimpressed. What exactly did Ken post that caused such upset? Read on to discover all the details.

With the fifth season of Welcome to Plathville having just premiered, fans were eager to get acquainted with Ken. Reportedly, Kim Plath moved in with Ken just 11 months after announcing her split from Barry Plath, and the couple now resides together in Florida. As things heat up between Kim and Ken, fans have taken to researching his background, and their findings have been met with shock.

Ken Palmer’s true colors have been revealed through his Facebook page. It becomes evident that he leans towards conservative views and identifies as a Christian, much like Kim. He even shared a photo of himself with Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis. However, it is his controversial memes that have caused concern.

Upon further investigation by Starcasm, several troubling Facebook posts by Ken have been uncovered. Over the past few years, he has shared racist and transphobic memes, raising eyebrows among viewers. In one meme, Ken draws attention to two Muslim US representatives, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, suggesting that they were the reason Congress was uninformed about a supposed “secret attack on terrorists.”

Fans of Welcome to Plathville expressed their disappointment and anger at Ken’s true nature on Reddit, where they shared and discussed his memes. While many were not surprised that Kim Plath would date someone with these views, they made it clear that they were not okay with the hateful content he shared. Fans emphasized that their concern was not associated with Ken’s conservative or Christian beliefs but rather the offensive nature of the posts.

One fan directly called out the open racism that has become normalized and accepted in society, expressing their distress. Another fan remarked that they expected Kim Plath’s boyfriend to hold these views, while others labeled the posts as “horrifying,” “vile,” and “gross.”

The revealing social media activity of Kim Plath’s boyfriend, Ken Palmer, has ignited outrage among fans. As the controversy unfolds, opinions about his true colors continue to circulate.

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