OutDaughtered fans have recently expressed their sadness and concern for 12-year-old Blayke Busby, the eldest daughter of Adam and Danielle Busby. As the Busby quintuplets take the spotlight, viewers are realizing that Blayke may not be receiving as much attention as she deserves, leading to a wave of sympathy towards her. Let’s delve into what’s happening in Blayke’s life that has everyone feeling sorry for her.

Blayke is entering an exciting phase as a seventh-grader, starting a new school year and participating in volleyball. On the surface, she seems to be doing well, but fans worry about her emotional well-being. In a Reddit thread, viewers discuss whether Blayke is truly happy, expressing concerns that she may not receive enough attention due to her five younger sisters taking center stage.

Some fans noted that Danielle doesn’t seem to spend much time with Blayke lately, which could make the young girl feel neglected. One fan shared their sadness, stating, “I know Blayke is old enough to pick up on this and can see that the attention is not on her usually. I felt so sad when neither parent even knows about her schedule or what classes she was taking.” Another fan agreed, emphasizing that while her parents love her, it must be disheartening for the family’s TV show to focus mainly on her sisters now that they are growing older.

However, not all viewers on Reddit view Blayke’s situation as heartrending. Some argue that at 12 years old, she may be losing interest in filming or that it’s unrealistic to expect her to be happy and cheery all the time. It’s challenging to discern the true nature of her experiences solely based on social media and a handful of OutDaughtered episodes.

One fan pointed out that this season showed Danielle genuinely attempting to make time for just the two of them. The debate continues, leaving fans torn over Blayke’s happiness.

Ultimately, whether Blayke is truly heartbroken or doing fine remains uncertain. Fans can only hope that she is well and that any concerns about her happiness are unfounded.

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