In a recent episode of Sister Wives, the truth behind Janelle Brown and Christine Brown’s decision to marry Kody Brown was finally unveiled, shedding light on their motivations and intentions. Janelle’s entrance into the plural family seemed seamless, as she had been previously married to Meri Brown’s brother. Witnessing the relationship between Meri and Kody, Janelle felt drawn to the polygamous lifestyle. Additionally, her mother had fallen in love with Kody’s father, creating further connections between the families. On the other hand, Christine Brown was referred to by Kody as “church royalty,” making her marriage to him a significant event that elevated his status. But did Janelle and Christine actually ask to become Kody’s wives? What were their true desires?

In an exclusive sneak peek of an upcoming episode, People magazine provides insights into the matter. Kody discusses the challenges of keeping his four wives happy, acknowledging the potential loneliness faced by plural wives who do not have a full-time husband. However, Robyn, Kody’s fourth wife, believes that living polygamy brings her closer to God. It is during this conversation that Kody reveals how his relationships with his wives developed.

“I courted Meri and I courted Robyn, but Christine and Janelle both asked if they could be in the family,” Kody shares. He goes on to explain that he had certain requirements for Janelle and Christine before they could join the family, primarily centered around their commitment to him and their acceptance of the presence of other wives. According to Kody, Janelle and Christine expressed their desire to be part of his family, but they were not courted in the same way as Meri and Robyn.

However, Janelle provides her perspective on the matter, suggesting that Kody’s account may not be as straightforward as he implies. She emphasizes the importance of married men not pursuing other women, stating that it is more respectful for them to approach the family and express their desire to belong. Janelle also asserts that she and Christine should not be treated as lesser wives simply because they did not receive a formal invitation like Robyn did. It is worth noting that their interest in joining the family was not a result of begging, but rather an inquiry that eventually led to a courtship.

Some speculate that Kody’s statements regarding Janelle and Christine’s request to be in the family may be influenced by his desire to exert control and enforce his own rules. The dynamics of their relationships and the underlying motivations behind their decisions are complex and may differ from person to person.

As the Sister Wives journey continues, viewers are left to ponder the intricacies of these relationships and the evolving dynamics within the family. The truth behind Janelle and Christine’s decision to marry Kody Brown is a multifaceted tale that adds further depth to their story.

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