Is 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort star, Kalani Faagata, considering expanding her family with a third child? With two sons already from her estranged husband, Asuelu Pulaa, what has sparked this desire for another baby? Let’s dive into the details of Kalani’s baby plans and who might be involved.

As viewers witness Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa attempting to mend their marriage on the show, it becomes evident that they have faced challenges. Asuelu’s infidelity led Kalani to explore a new relationship, where genuine feelings developed. This situation has caused a struggle for the couple, especially as Kalani has now been intimate with two men. The new man provides her with the qualities that Asuelu has lacked. In real-time, the couple has separated, with Asuelu moving to another state, although they continue to co-parent their two sons. Kalani has found love with the man she was involved with, Dallas Nuez, and they are building a life together.

Now, it appears that Kalani Faagata is ready to consider adding another child to her family. In a recent Q&A session on Instagram, she revealed her desire for a third child, emphasizing that there is no better time than the present. It is important to note that Kalani and Asuelu are newly separated, and her relationship with Dallas has not been formally announced. So, what has prompted this readiness? “My relationship with my mom makes me want a daughter,” Kalani shared. She further explained, “I’m 35, so I feel like it’d have to happen this year or not at all. But also, my boys never stop fighting, so…”

While Kalani expressed her desire for another child, she did not disclose who the father would be. Considering her statement about wanting it to happen this year, it is likely that Dallas is the potential father. Speculation suggests that they are ready to live together, and they may have had discussions about children, with Dallas being open to taking that leap early on in their relationship. Hopefully, he will provide Kalani with the love, support, and a potential daughter that she desires.

Opinions on whether Kalani should have another child or wait a little longer may vary. It ultimately depends on her personal circumstances, readiness, and the dynamics of her evolving relationships.

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