In the upcoming Season 11 of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” new spoilers have emerged revealing that Glenn Thore, the father of Whitney and Hunter Thore, had a daughter named Angie. In a preview for the next episode, Glenn sat down with his children to explain the story of how he fathered Angie and more.

According to the TLC show previews, it appears that after the passing of Babs, Glenn’s wife, he was feeling down. As a result, Hunter and Whitney decided to create a bucket list of things to do to lift his spirits. During this time, Glenn revealed to his children that he had fathered a child in the 1960s but lost contact with her. Whitney recently shared on social media that she found out about Angie on the night her mother passed away. This timeline has led to some speculation and criticism from viewers regarding the authenticity of the story.

Glenn Thore faced backlash after the show aired the funeral of Babs, which was unusual considering he had been portrayed as a beloved figure until then. Some viewers discovered that he had a daughter named Jackie in the USA and later found another daughter named Keiko in Asia. There were theories that Keiko had a son who did not want to be filmed, leading to accusations of fakery. However, it should be clarified that the daughter mentioned in the spoilers is not Keiko’s child, but rather Jackie’s.

In the preview for the next episode, Whitney appeared to be eagerly anticipating meeting her half-sister, which evoked emotional reactions from some viewers. This suggests that the storyline may not be solely a result of creative editing. Entertainment Tonight recently shared the preview for the upcoming episode, which will shed more light on how Glenn revealed the existence of his third child to his two children.

Glenn Thore explained that he had military training in Pensacola, where he met Jackie. They dated, but Jackie became pregnant. Whitney’s eyes widened upon hearing this revelation in the preview. Glenn further explained in his confessional that being pregnant in the 1960s was a significant issue for unwed mothers. Unfortunately, due to being transferred to Asia by the military, he lost contact with Jackie.

Whitney then shared the story with her friend, Buddy Bell. She mentioned that Angie, Jackie’s daughter, has a son named Cody. After Cody reached out to Glenn following a DNA genealogy test that connected their families, Whitney encouraged him to return the call.

In her confessional with her father and Hunter, Whitney discussed how Angie’s whereabouts had been unknown all this time. Fans of the show can look forward to discovering more about Glenn Thore’s journey of discovering his long-lost daughter and the emotional impact it has on the family in Season 11.

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