Sheila Mangubat and David Dangerfield shared beautiful moments during their time together in the Philippines. As the first deaf couple on 90 Day Fiance, their love story began online and blossomed into a deep connection. David made the journey from America to meet Sheila in person for the first time, but their meeting was marred by tragedy when Sheila’s mother passed away just two days into their reunion. Witnessing the challenging circumstances Sheila was facing, David made a heartfelt promise to support her.

Despite the hurdles they faced, the 90 Day Fiance stars remained steadfast in their commitment to each other and their desire to walk down the aisle. Recently, Dangerfield took a significant step by proposing to Sheila, sparking excitement among fans who anticipated their upcoming wedding. However, it seems that the newest couple on the show now faces the heart-wrenching prospect of a tearful farewell. What led to this turn of events?

90 Day Fiance: David & Sheila Cry Out During Their Heartbreaking Farewell!

David and Sheila became fan favorites due to their heartwarming storyline, standing out as the first deaf couple on the show with a refreshingly non-toxic narrative. Their journey recently reached a poignant milestone when they exchanged rings, openly professing their love for one another.

The next steps in their relationship involve David handling the paperwork for Sheila’s visa to bring her and Jhonreil to the United States, ensuring her home is safe for her father, and saving up some extra funds. However, it’s now time for David to return to the United States, a fact that leaves him feeling overwhelmed. He candidly shared, “I’m trying to stay positive for Sheila, but to be honest, I’m overwhelmed.” He also acknowledged the complexity of the immigration process, legal matters, visas, house renovations, and wedding preparations, confessing that he’s uncertain about how the K1 visa process works. Despite the challenges, their plan is to visit the Philippines next year while they wait for everything to be sorted out.

In a touching moment at the airport, the 90 Day Fiance couple bid each other farewell with tears in their eyes. Sheila expressed her deep love for David, saying, “Now David is gone. I’m going to miss him so much.” Their emotional farewell marked a poignant moment in their enduring love story.

90 Day Fiance: Sheila Was Afraid Jhonreil Won’t Let Her Move To America

Sheila and David have grown even closer in their relationship, with recent events solidifying their bond. David took a significant step by proposing to his partner in the Philippines, and she enthusiastically accepted. The newest couple on the scene is deeply and passionately in love with each other.

However, a significant hurdle remained as Sheila couldn’t leave her child, Jhonreil, alone. David had previously expressed his desire not to move out of the country, citing his close ties with his friends. Consequently, the 90 Day Fiance celebrity had been apprehensive about sharing this news with Jhonreil.

Finally, Sheila gathered the courage to break the news to her family and friends. To their delight, everyone was overjoyed and supportive of their relationship, marking a positive and heartwarming turn of events in their journey together.

Fortunately, Jhonreil also gave his wholehearted approval to their relationship. As reported by Screenrant, Sheila’s son expressed his excitement about the prospect of visiting the spacious American house and enjoying delicious food with his future father. In a candid moment with the cameras, Jhonreil admitted to feeling nervous about David at first but has now come to understand and appreciate the deep love his mother shares with him. This positive acceptance from Jhonreil adds another layer of warmth to their evolving family dynamic.

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