In PEOPLE’s exclusive supertease, Jasmine and Gino give their volatile relationship yet another shot as an overbearing mother, gender identity issues and “spoiled” behavior complicated more pairings

After nearly a decade of 90 Day Fiancé, TLC is ready for another round.

PEOPLE has the exclusive First Look at season 10 of the flagship series, which features a spate of new couples — and one notably volatile duoviewers have come to know well. Yes Before the 90 Days fans, Jasmine and Gino’s wild relationship is finally coming to America. 

Here’s who you can expect to see on screen when the new season airs this October, certain to be full of culture clashes, jealousy and maybe even an “I do” or two. 

Jasmine (36) and Gino (52)

It’s official: Jasmine’s U.S. visa has come through, and she’s moving from Panama to Michigan to be with Gino. The couple has two seasons of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days behind them, both of which nearly ended in the implosion of their relationship. But the roller coaster loves got re-engaged at the end of the latest season when Jasmine popped the question. 

As Gino packed his bags to head back to America, he promised Jasmine would be on a flight to his homeland soon. And she was. They may have clashes when it comes to his family and their sex life, but Jasmine and Gino are committed to making their relationship work no matter how drama they encounter along the way. 

Sophie (23) and Robert (32) 

It’s all about money with Sophie and Robert. The new reality TV couple met online and eventually committed to each other when they met in person. Now Sophie is moving from the U.K. to Los Angeles, where she’s expecting a life of Hollywood glamour. What Sophie doesn’t realize until it’s too late is that Robert is from a humble background, and the glitz and glam she’s imagined in America may not be within reach. 

Manuel (34) and Ashley (31)

Ashley and Manuel have known each other for more than 10 years. Though their paths tore them apart after they met at a New Year’s Eve party in Ecuador (way back in 2010!) they found their way back together. Manuel is moving to America in hopes of a happily ever after with his longtime, once star-crossed love. But will the years of distance have created unseens rifts for the pair? 

Nick (30) and Devin (23)

Nick is leaving the outback for girlfriend Devin in America, but his future doesn’t look entirely perfect. After meeting on Tinder, they fell in love quickly — and three weeks in person led to a K-1 visa. Nick and Devin are still getting to know each other as he touches down in the U.S. Most importantly, he’s also getting to know her “opinionated” family, who could throw a wrench in their plans to marry fast. 

Justin (36) and Nikki (47)

Nikki and Justin spent nearly two decades apart when he admitted he couldn’t accept that Nikki is trans. But distance makes the heart grow fonder — as it did for the pair. Seventeen years after they met on a dating site in Moldova, Justin has a more mature understanding of Nikki’s gender identity and is moving to America for a shot at love. For the couple, it’s a fresh start — but will they hold true to their commitment to leave the past in the past? 

Anali (26) and Clayton (29)

A language barrier and a future mother-in-law pose the biggest threats to Anali and Clayton’s relationship as she moves from Peru to Kentucky. After meeting on a language app, the pair bonded in a few short weeks. But Anali may not be on the same page as Clayton when it comes to sharing space with his mother. She’s shocked to learn he has no plans to move into his own place, leaving Anali at odds with the other woman in her new home. 

Citra (26) and Sam (30)

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