Riley says he’s not sure if he’s even the only man in Violet’s life.
Violet and Riley’s story isn’t ending in Vietnam. On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Riley revealed that Violet says she’s pregnant and that the baby is his.

Riley traveled to Vietnam on this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days to meet Violet after connecting online, and the two had more tough times than good times. Riley clearly did not trust Violet — even hiring a private investigator to look into her — and Violet in turn seemed extremely disinterested in Riley. After the two said an awkward goodbye during last week’s episode, it appeared the two would never see each other again. But on Sunday’s episode, Riley was back in America and said he was confused about where they stood. Riley said that after he returned home, he got “some very nasty” text messages from Violet saying that their relationship was over and she didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. He wasn’t surprised since they had such a rocky time in Vietnam, but said that suddenly she apologized and wanted to be together.

“She wrote, ‘I’m sorry I hurt you. We could be together. I really want a husband and the family.’ She’s acting, like, super nice,” he shared. “Where is this coming from? I thought we were done. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Do I still have love for her? Absolutely,” he added. “I was extremely hurt by her actions when I visited her, and I just don’t get it. At this time, I really don’t know if this relationship with Violet is fixable. We both have a lot to work on, and when I tried to do it in person, she never wanted to talk about it.”

But a few weeks later, he dropped a bombshell while talking to producers. He said that Violet texted him that she was pregnant and the baby was his. Riley visited his friend, Tiffanie, and explained that on his last night in Vietnam, he had sex with Violet after she unexpectedly went to his hotel room. He said they didn’t use protection, but because of medication he was on, there was a less than one percent change he could get someone pregnant.

“The reason why I have doubts right now is because Violet has lied to me in the past,” he said. “And also, from what my doctors have told me, I cannot get a woman pregnant because of the medication that I’m on. It’s not that it can never happen. I would have to be off the medication for a certain period of time to bring up my sperm count. So, I’m kind of like, how? But miracles do happen and life finds a way. So I don’t know if she’s actually pregnant. Or maybe she is and it’s not mine. … But I don’t want to be wrong and be a piece of crap.”

He said he found his own prenatal doctor that speaks English in Vietnam, but Violet refused to go to the doctor of his choice. While he said he was focused on her pregnancy, he said she out of nowhere pressured him to ask her to marry her. Tiffanie speculated that she was using him for a green card, but Riley said he felt that wasn’t the case but definitely felt something was off.

“I want to be excited about this,” he told cameras. “But this whole baby thing is just not adding up. I don’t want to get that emotionally attached. Based on the history of my relationship with Violet, I don’t even really know for sure if I was the only man she was seeing.”

“I’m 8,000 miles away. I cannot control anything,” he added. “All I know is I need a DNA test to prove paternity, and if Violet is pregnant with my child, obviously I’m going to do the right thing. You know, I’m not going to allow my child to grow up without her father. I am going to do whatever it takes to be in my child’s life. I just really hope I’m not being played.”

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