It appears that there have been some controversies and criticisms surrounding Glenn Thore, the father of Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL). One major issue revolves around the decision to televise Babs’ funeral, which received backlash from viewers. Whitney defended her father, stating that it was his decision to film the funeral and that he made that choice.

Following the backlash, Glenn’s popularity declined among some viewers, although loyal fans who understand his grief continue to support him. There have been instances where Glenn faced criticism on social media, and he seemed to go silent for a period of time. However, he has recently returned to posting on social media, which led to speculation about who manages his accounts.

Whitney shared an Instagram reel featuring her father expressing his gratitude for the party she threw to honor Babs. In the caption, Whitney lashed out at fans who made hurtful comments about her father. She listed several questions for people to consider before criticizing their grieving process.

Regarding Glenn’s Instagram account, some fans have raised suspicions that Whitney may be managing it. They noted that the account only has nine followers and went private, leading to speculation that Whitney deleted Glenn’s previous account and created a new one to control the narrative. However, it is unclear whether these speculations hold any truth.

In online discussions, some Reddit users expressed concern for Glenn, suggesting that he might be isolated and controlled by his daughter. They empathized with him, especially considering his vulnerability as an older individual during this time.

It’s important to note that the information provided is based on public discussions and social media posts and may not represent the full extent of the situation. The dynamics within the Thore family and the management of their social media accounts are ultimately known only to them.

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