My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) fans have recently voiced their concerns regarding Whitney Way Thore and her brother, Hunter Thore, following the loss of their beloved mother, Babs. As Season 11 of the show unfolds, viewers have noticed certain behaviors and actions that have left them feeling uneasy, despite the family’s grieving process.

The Thore family has been on an emotional rollercoaster this season, with the heartbreaking loss of matriarch Babs, which was documented on the show. Understandably, their father, Glenn, has been struggling immensely with the loss of his longtime love. In an unexpected revelation, it was also disclosed that Glenn had a daughter from a previous relationship, who was given up for adoption in 1968. Whitney Way Thore has been adamant about reconnecting Glenn with his daughter, adding another layer of complexity to their grief.

However, fans have taken to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with Whitney and Hunter’s apparent lack of empathy and emotion during this challenging time. One Reddit user questioned their behavior, stating, “I know we are focused on the insensitivity towards Glenn, but Babs was THEIR MOTHER. What’s wrong with these two? They don’t seem to be feeling anything.” Many fans are troubled by Whitney and Hunter’s actions, particularly their seemingly hurried attempts to push their father to move on. This includes clearing out Babs’ belongings, leaving Glenn with little time to process his grief.

While it is important to recognize that everyone experiences and expresses grief differently, some fans have found Whitney and Hunter’s attitudes and demeanor unsettling. They have criticized Whitney’s eulogy for sounding more like a stand-up routine, and Hunter’s behavior for appearing like a dramatic acting audition. Fans have expressed a desire for the siblings to allow themselves time to mourn and heal, rather than focusing on the show’s narrative.

In terms of Whitney’s personal hygiene issues, which have been a topic of discussion among fans in the past, some viewers feel that this is a moment where she should allow herself to fully experience her emotions without judgment. However, there are also comments suggesting that Whitney and the Thore family may be prioritizing creating dramatic scenes for the show rather than genuinely immersing themselves in the grieving process.

It is essential to remember that fan opinions can vary, and these criticisms represent the perspective of some viewers. The Thore family is navigating a difficult period following the loss of their mother, and it is crucial to approach their experiences with empathy and understanding.

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