Fans of Welcome to Plathville were shocked when Olivia Plath accused her husband Ethan’s mother, Kim, of credit card fraud. Now, Olivia is breaking her silence and sharing her truth on social media. Season 5 of the TLC show has brought forth a lot of drama as the kids seemed to side with Kim and Barry, turning their backs on Olivia.

The accusations against Kim involved her alleged use of Ethan’s credit card without his permission. This came after Olivia claimed that Barry’s ex-wife refused to reimburse him. Tensions escalated when it was revealed that Ethan’s wife helped him change the password, effectively locking Kim out of the account. Kim insisted that it was a simple business arrangement, but the Plath children, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, and Isaac, believed that there was no fraud as the family had agreed to the arrangement.

Moriah’s anger reached a boiling point in Season 5, leading her to leave Ethan and Olivia’s home without warning, leaving only a note behind. The family’s drama continued when Moriah returned from Europe and felt excluded as everyone seemed to have united against her. Barry Plath even claimed that she had “brainwashed” his eldest son. However, Olivia refuses to remain silent and has now shared her side of the story.

Taking to TikTok, the reality TV star addressed the accusations made on TLC. She mentioned that viewers didn’t see the full story on the show due to time constraints. Olivia explained that she decided to speak out because too many people were creating their own theories about what happened. She then provided background details, including the fact that Ethan was involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company when he was around 16 years old. According to Olivia, he wasn’t allowed to change any passwords or access a computer.

Olivia alleged that Kim made Ethan purchase all of his toiletries from the specific MLM company and set his account for auto-delivery. This meant that he received a monthly box, and his card was charged for it. She further claimed that Kim used Ethan’s account to make large purchases when she wasn’t doing well with her own account. Olivia changed the password after realizing that it was essentially “stealing.”

In response to the allegations, Kim and Barry confronted Olivia, accusing her of interfering in the kids’ lives. Olivia felt bullied but refused to reveal the new password and reminded them that it was fraudulent behavior. The situation escalated, with Kim storming out of the house.

Olivia and Ethan created an itemized invoice for the goods Ethan didn’t buy or receive, and they sent it to Kim, requesting a refund within 45 days. Kim allegedly refused to pay and spread the word that Olivia was suing them over the children. Olivia claimed that the show’s producers wanted her to drop the issue, but she refused. This may explain why Olivia received negative edits in Season 2 onwards.


Setting some details straight regarding a story I shared in a interview last year about “credit card fraud.”

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Fans of the show have reacted to Olivia’s revelations, expressing support and understanding for the challenges faced by the Plath children. Some viewers expressed disappointment with how the show portrayed Olivia, believing that she was being unfairly painted as the villain.

This ongoing drama within the Plath family continues to captivate fans, and it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold in future episodes of Welcome to Plathville.

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