Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, known for their appearances on the reality TV show Little People, Big World, have experienced significant life changes since leaving the series. After tying the knot in a memorable wedding ceremony on the family farm, which was even filmed for the show, they eventually departed the series to pursue other opportunities while expressing gratitude for the experiences it provided them.

Since their departure, Audrey and Jeremy have embraced various life milestones. While still on the show, they welcomed their first child, Ember Roloff. However, after leaving Little People, Big World, they expanded their family further, with the additions of Bode and Radley Roloff.

Recently, the couple fulfilled their dream of purchasing a new home and land. Although they have been renovating their kitchen, they have successfully transformed the property into a place they call home. In addition, they have ventured into starting their own little farm, currently housing chickens.

While sharing their wedding day on television was initially a nerve-wracking experience for Audrey, she expresses gratitude for the opportunity. The couple faced numerous opinions and criticisms from viewers, with many doubting the longevity of their relationship. Tabloids constantly circulated rumors, attempting to disrupt their marriage. However, Audrey and Jeremy chose not to pay attention to the tabloids or online comments, refusing to let others’ opinions hold power over their relationship. They knew that their love for each other was what truly mattered.

Recently celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary, Audrey reflects on the continued growth of their love story, believing that God has guided their journey in ways more beautiful, exciting, and life-giving than she could have imagined. Despite doubts from skeptics, Audrey feels that she and Jeremy have proven them wrong. They remain happily married, raising three children and residing in their dream home.

To commemorate their special day, Jeremy and Audrey embarked on a trip to Santa Barbara, a place with sentimental value as it holds memories from Jeremy’s college days. Exploring their favorite spots from the past allowed them to reminisce and appreciate how far their relationship has come.

As Audrey and Jeremy Roloff continue to embrace new chapters in their lives, their love and commitment to each other remain steadfast, defying the doubts that once surrounded their relationship.

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