Vanessa Guerra, a star from 90 Day Fiance, has been openly discussing Colt’s unfortunate accident on social media, sharing all the details of the infamous incident except for the hospital bills. However, the premiere of The Last Resort has sparked Vanessa’s anger, prompting her to finally reveal the whole story.

In the midst of this controversy, Vanessa recently returned to her social media platform to criticize Sharp Entertainment for not covering Colt’s medical insurance expenses. She disclosed that her husband’s medical bill amounted to approximately $250,000, and the network had not made any payments. This raises the question of who ultimately footed this substantial bill?

90 Day Fiance: Vanessa Calls Out Sharp & TLC For Not Paying Colt’s Insurance Money

Vanessa Guerra hasn’t held back when it comes to sharing details about her experience on 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort. She openly disclosed how she and Colt were removed from the show due to Colt’s unfortunate accident, which left him hospitalized.

Colt suffered significant injuries, including a torn meniscus in his leg and injuries to his tibia and fibula. According to Vanessa, this incident occurred while they were filming for The Last Resort. Recently, she took to Instagram to make some surprising revelations about the incident.

Vanessa, a cast member of 90 Day Fiance, revealed that the network showed little concern for Colt’s well-being when he was in the hospital and didn’t even check on his condition. She mentioned that she had to repeatedly reach out to them during the following week to get any response.

Furthermore, TLC didn’t provide any insurance information until “months later,” and when they finally did, Vanessa referred to it as “fake.” According to her, Colt’s medical bills have piled up to approximately $250,000, yet they haven’t received any financial assistance from the network.

Vanessa also expressed her belief that the network values its stars only as long as they are generating content and revenue.

90 Day Fiance: Vanessa Revealed How She Paid Colt’s $250K Medical Bill

90 Day Fiance star Vanessa has placed the full responsibility for Colt’s accident on the TLC network. She alleges that the network had provided her husband with specific instructions on how to jump from the trampoline, and as a result, she believes that the network should take accountability for the incident.

According to Vanessa, the makers of The Last Resort were primarily concerned with filming and were more focused on whether the couple could continue to travel to Florida for filming or if they could shoot scenes in the hospital.

Despite these circumstances, Vanessa asserted that she hadn’t received any financial support from the network. So, how did Vanessa and Colt manage to cover the substantial $250,000 medical bill? Vanessa later posted another story on Instagram and disclosed that Colt had his own medical insurance to cover the expenses.

Vanessa, the 90 Day Fiance celebrity, made it clear that she wasn’t seeking financial assistance since she has her husband’s insurance to rely on. She also stated that it’s unrealistic to expect a “shitty” company to do the “right” thing in such situations.

In response to her post, one user commented, “They definitely don’t care,” while another added, “TLC could help with the bill a little.”

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