Fans of TLC’s “7 Little Johnstons” are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Liz Johnston’s baby and wondering if the network will film the birth for a potential ratings boost. The news of Liz and her boyfriend Brice’s pregnancy has sparked lively discussions among fans online, who are excited to meet the newest addition to the Johnston family. While the couple and the rest of the family have shared the news on social media, there has been no official confirmation from TLC regarding a birth special or the show’s renewal for another season.

Although TLC has not made any official announcements, glimpses behind the scenes and hints from the Johnston family suggest that additional seasons may be in the works. However, details such as an air date or specific plans for Liz’s baby’s birth remain unknown. Fans on Reddit have been speculating about whether the birth will be filmed for the show, with some expressing their curiosity and hoping for TLC to capture the moment. There are also discussions about TLC’s involvement in covering the costs of Liz’s baby shower and the possibility that they may have filmed the event. While these observations fuel speculation, nothing can be confirmed at this time.

Since Liz is the first Johnston family member to give birth, fans have no previous examples to guide their predictions. It is possible that Liz may prefer to keep the birth a private moment and only allow TLC to film afterward. However, until further information is provided, the fate of Liz’s baby’s birth being filmed for the show remains uncertain. Fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for “7 Little Johnstons” and whether the arrival of Liz’s baby will be documented on screen.

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