TLC’s popular show Welcome To Plathville features the Plath family, initially consisting of Barry Plath, his wife Kim, and their nine children. They adhere to a strict religious lifestyle on their farm in Georgia. However, as the children started to explore the world outside their family’s beliefs, the dynamics within the family began to shift.

While most of the Plath children have become regulars on the family reality show, there is one notable absence—Hosanna, the eldest Plath daughter. Unlike her siblings, Hosanna prefers to maintain a low profile and does not participate in filming for the show.

Hosanna is a successful musician who often embarks on tours with her husband, Timothy Noble. The couple, who got married in 2019, have two children together. After her marriage, Hosanna relocated to Ohio, which may be one of the reasons why she stopped appearing on the family reality show.

As Hosanna identifies herself as Hosanna Noble now, she frequently releases albums and showcases her talent as a professional violinist. Her husband is also involved in music, playing the piano and singing. However, they have chosen not to invite TLC cameras to document their musical tours.

In a YouTube video shared earlier this year, Hosanna’s younger sister Lydia explained that Hosanna and her husband made the decision not to film for the show because they wanted to live a more private life. Lydia expressed her support for their choice and emphasized that Hosanna maintains a loving relationship with the entire Plath family outside of the reality show.

Despite Hosanna’s absence from Welcome To Plathville, her desire for a relationship filled with love and connection with her family is evident, even if it remains separate from the public sphere of the reality show.

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