The conclusion of Season 2 of 1000-Lb Best Friends showcased Meghan Crumpler walking down the aisle to marry her long-time boyfriend, Jon Creager. However, prior to the wedding, Meghan experienced doubts and questioned whether marrying Jon was the right decision. This created a tense situation, but ultimately, the wedding proceeded as planned.

Now, with news circulating about Season 3 of 1000-Lb Best Friends, fans are revisiting past storylines and questioning the authenticity of the wedding drama. Did Meghan truly have reservations about marrying Jon, or did TLC amplify the drama for the sake of the show?

Jon and Meghan were first introduced to viewers on Too Large, where Meghan struggled with self-care and relied on assistance even for basic tasks like using the bathroom. Jon provided support throughout her weight loss journey and bariatric surgery, and despite the ups and downs in their relationship, they appeared to be happy together. This led fans to question whether Meghan’s hesitation before the wedding was genuine.

A recent Reddit thread explored this topic, with the original poster asking how much of the “Meghan doesn’t want to marry Jon” storyline they believed was fabricated. Some viewers expressed their opinions, suggesting that TLC likely manufactured the storyline for added drama. Comments ranged from speculating it was part of the agreement for TLC to cover wedding expenses to questioning Meghan’s motives for creating a dramatic narrative.

While opinions varied, many Redditors shared the belief that the wedding storyline was contrived for increased entertainment value. Some attributed Meghan’s hesitation to a desire for a more compelling storyline, potentially influenced by production. Others felt that if someone had genuine doubts about marriage, they wouldn’t proceed with the wedding in the first place.

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