Adam Busby, known from OutDaughtered, recently shared his thoughts on feeling taken for granted. With a bustling household and numerous responsibilities, his perspective on this topic holds weight.

As a working father to six daughters, it’s understandable that Adam Busby might sometimes feel overlooked. There are countless tasks that need to be accomplished without receiving praise or recognition. However, over time, Adam has developed a mindset that helps him navigate these circumstances. On his Instagram page, OutDaughtered Dad, he shared a video discussing the concept of feeling taken for granted. In a refreshing twist on the typically negative connotation, Adam challenges his followers to change their mindset. He captioned the video, “Mindset is everything. Even being taken for granted should be seen as a good thing.” However, he emphasizes the importance of recognizing when to accept such situations and when to take action. He continues, “There is definitely a difference between being taken for granted and being taken advantage of. #leadership #mindset.”

In the Instagram video, Adam Busby elaborates on how he perceives being taken for granted as a sign of doing well. He draws from a leadership podcast, highlighting the idea that people’s expectations of you doing things can indicate consistent dedication and quality work. He believes that when others unconsciously rely on you, it demonstrates the strength of your output. He even refers to it as “proof” that one is performing admirably. Adam encourages viewers to see it as a positive that people have become accustomed to their good work and may not always notice it, as it has become the norm. However, he also acknowledges that being taken for granted can sometimes lead to others taking advantage, which he does not condone. He cautions against exploitation and advises vigilance, particularly when someone consistently expects productivity.

Fans of OutDaughtered shared their thoughts on Adam Busby’s perspective, leaving comments on his post. One fan exclaimed, “My man!” to which Adam responded, “@mmbbqcompany oh, I know you get taken for granted! Expectations are through the roof with your work🔥.” Uncle Dale chimed in, saying, “I’m glad you call @dalenotdalepodcast a leadership podcast… thanks bruh!” Other comments expressed gratitude, with fans stating, “Thanks, Buzz! That is so true 😊” and “Needed to hear this today!”

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