Kody Brown, star of Sister Wives, has been grappling with the heartbreaking loss of his son, Garrison Brown, who passed away on March 5. As Kody, Janelle, and their family members attempt to navigate through this tragedy and find ways to heal, fans of the TLC series have taken it upon themselves to criticize Kody for not repairing his bond with Garrison.

These fans have been quick to blame the father of 18 for supposedly failing to provide love and attention to his son. The reality TV star has faced harsh criticism, with some individuals even engaging in hateful behavior toward a grieving father. The overwhelming negativity and backlash Kody has received since Season 18 have caused him to significantly reduce his social media presence. Now, the excessive bitterness and anger may even lead him to step away from social media altogether.

Kody Brown, the central figure of Sister Wives, has become the target of blame ever since the family experienced a fallout. His strained relationship with Garrison and Gabriel has had a detrimental impact on his reputation. His children have expressed their grievances over not receiving the love and attention they believe they deserve. However, it’s important to remember that Kody Brown is currently mourning the loss of his son, Garrison Brown.

Despite the difficult circumstances, fans have taken to Instagram to vent their anger without considering the immense pain Kody must be enduring. It’s worth noting that Garrison would not have wanted his father to be subjected to such attacks following his passing. Some critics have even resorted to mocking the father of eighteen. Unfortunately, these critics seem to have forgotten that Kody made the decision to discourage his son from joining the military to protect him from potential harm.

Kody had hoped that Garrison would pursue a degree and serve in the military as an officer, thereby reducing the risk of him being killed or injured. Although the father-son duo had significant conflicts and had been estranged for a considerable period of time, Kody always prioritized his son’s safety. He expressed frustration when his sons failed to adhere to COVID protocols and put their health at risk.

Therefore, it is unjust to mock or criticize a father who is already burdened with regret over the time he couldn’t spend with his son while he was alive. Kody’s disagreements with his son were characteristic of any typical father-son relationship. It does not mean that he wished ill for his son or that he deserves the overwhelming backlash he is currently facing. The negative comments only serve to hinder his healing process and make it more difficult for him to move forward.

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