Caelan Morrison, the ex-fiancé of former “Unexpected” star McKayla Adkins, is expecting another baby with his current partner, bringing joy to their growing family. Caelan already shares two children with McKayla and seems thrilled about the upcoming addition. Here are all the details.

When “Unexpected” first premiered on TLC, McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison were two teenagers navigating the challenges of life while expecting their first baby. Being young parents was no easy task. In 2017, they welcomed their son, Timothy, and soon after, they found themselves surprised by another pregnancy. This unexpected turn of events put a strain on their relationship and their aspirations for the future. McKayla gave birth to their daughter, Gracelynn, in 2019, and eventually, the couple went their separate ways. McKayla later married Ethan Tenney.

McKayla and Caelan have had a tumultuous relationship since then. McKayla has emphasized that she has full custody of their children due to the laws in her area. Meanwhile, Caelan seems to be doing well and is happily involved with Allycia Flowers. The couple has been together for a few years, and they recently shared exciting news—they are expecting a baby girl. Caelan celebrated the announcement on his Instagram stories, sharing a photo of himself and Allycia, with her wearing a sash indicating the upcoming arrival. Above the photo, Caelan wrote, “ANOTHER ADVENTURE AWAITS,” and revealed that they are expecting a girl. This will make him a father to two girls and one boy. The impact this new addition will have on his dynamic with visiting his children with McKayla remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it is an exciting time in Caelan’s life, and hopefully, the siblings will have the opportunity to grow up together. Caelan Morrison appears to be in a much better and more stable place now.

As for McKayla Adkins, her journey has had its challenges. She and her husband, Ethan Tenney, seemed to have separated when she was seen selling items from her wedding. There were signs of a reconciliation, but it didn’t last long. McKayla remains cryptic and private about her personal life. While she has been exploring new jobs and experiences, she appears to be still searching for stability. Despite this, she continues to explore and seek new opportunities regularly. Hopefully, she can find a sense of calm and peace, allowing her children with Caelan to bond with their new sibling.

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