Jasmine Pineda, known from the reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé, recently received devastating news regarding her efforts to bring her two sons to the United States. Currently residing in the U.S. with her husband Gino, Jasmine has been facing challenges in reuniting her family. However, the process has proven to be more complicated than she initially anticipated, causing further strain on her already tumultuous relationship with Gino.

Jasmine recently learned that her children did not receive approval on her K-1 visa, which means they will not be able to join her in the United States as planned. Unfortunately, Gino, her husband, made errors while filling out the visa application, leading to this unfortunate outcome. Additionally, he failed to provide Jasmine with the necessary paperwork to travel outside the United States, preventing her from visiting her children. A fan on Reddit shared this update, sparking discussions among others who follow the show.

“The immigration lawyer informed Jasmine that it could take up to two years to bring her children to the USA. Gino neglected to include them on her K-1 visa, so they now have to file separate immigration paperwork to come here. Moreover, Jasmine cannot travel for a year because Gino failed to file the necessary advance parole paperwork. This situation is unbelievable! I would never leave my kids for a man!”

Fans of the show expressed their dissatisfaction with Jasmine’s choice to leave her children behind in the first place.

“If my fiancé hadn’t included my children in my visa application, I would never have boarded that plane. Period.”

“Even with the correct visa, if the father doesn’t provide permission for her to take the children out of the country, it will never happen.”

“During a previous season, she mentioned that the father of her kids agreed to the move because they would have better opportunities in the U.S. I recall her saying this before the most recent 90 Day Fiancé season.”

“Why didn’t she double-check? Did she ask him to leave the children off the application? Or what exactly happened?”

“She wasn’t with her kids when she was in Panama. What’s different now?”

Fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Jasmine’s handling of the situation and questioned her choices throughout the process.

In conclusion, Jasmine Pineda’s journey to bring her children to the United States has hit a heartbreaking setback. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are disappointed with her decision to leave her children behind and are critical of the mistakes made during the visa application process. The future of Jasmine’s family reunification remains uncertain, leaving viewers with a sense of concern and uncertainty.

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