Jibri and Miona were considered “couple goals” by many 90 Day Fiance viewers, showcasing the romantic side of their relationship after tying the knot. Their love story began when Jibri, a musician, visited Serbia with his band and instantly fell in love with Miona. Determined to make it work, Miona left her life in Serbia to join her American partner.

However, the couple faced financial challenges and found themselves living in a small home with Jibri’s parents. To improve their situation, Miona started her own beauty and wig business alongside her husband, and their financial issues gradually faded away. With the success of their new venture, Jibri and Miona began living a more lavish lifestyle. Despite this, breakup rumors have surrounded the couple for the past few months. Finally, Jibri decided to share some details about his relationship with Miona.

Jibri and Miona have been at the center of breakup rumors for quite some time, with Miona even teasing fans about a rumored boyfriend. However, Jibri has remained silent about the situation, leaving 90 Day Fiance fans eagerly awaiting his perspective on their marital issues.

Recently, Jibri took to social media to share a video of himself rapping over a breakup song. Wearing a green sequin jacket, he sang the song and wrote, “Love is a gamble, and heartbreak is beautiful.” He encouraged his followers to leave broken heart emojis in the comments if they had experienced heartbreak themselves.

In the video, Jibri revealed, “I’m 30 years old, and this is my third true heartbreak, and this one hurts just as much as the last two.” He humorously mentioned that all three of his exes were from Serbia, jokingly suggesting that he should leave European women alone after experiencing consecutive heartbreaks. However, he made it clear that the fault did not lie with his girlfriends.

Taking full responsibility, Jibri acknowledged that he tended to throw in the towel every 4-5 years, feeling uneasy and trapped in long-term commitments. He questioned whether it was due to his own immaturity or simply not having found “the one” yet. Furthermore, he admitted that he was far from perfect but committed to working on himself every day to become a better man.

In conclusion, Jibri Bell’s candid conversation about his relationship struggles sheds light on the challenges he and Miona have faced. While breakup rumors have circulated, Jibri’s heartfelt admission shows his willingness to take responsibility and reflect on his own actions. As fans continue to follow their journey, they hope that both Jibri and Miona find the happiness and fulfillment they seek in their personal lives.

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