Amber Johnston’s behavior on 7 Little Johnstons has sparked criticism from fans, not only for her actions in the current season but also for her past behavior. So, what are the reasons behind viewers’ negative reactions towards Amber?

Fans of 7 Little Johnstons have developed a love for the TLC show, eagerly anticipating each new season. However, many viewers have become increasingly frustrated with Amber Johnston and her husband Trent Johnston. The couple’s adherence to traditional beliefs clashes with the lives of their adult children, leading to tension and conflict.

While Amber and Trent’s traditional lifestyle has worked for their long-lasting marriage, it doesn’t necessarily apply to all their adult children. The current season of 7 Little Johnstons showcases numerous instances of friction resulting from their differing viewpoints. While some fans appreciate certain aspects of their traditional values, others feel that Amber and Trent’s beliefs can be outdated, leaving them out of touch with the changing times.

Inconsistency is another issue raised by fans. Amber often displays favoritism towards certain children, such as babying Alex Johnston while being harsh on her daughter Anna. Some viewers have even accused Amber of competing with Anna in the past. This lack of consistency further fuels fans’ criticism, as they believe Amber and Trent’s parenting approaches should be fair and equal across the board.

Recent scenes where Amber attempted to convince Liz to let Jonah move into her place after Brice Bolden moved out have been viewed by some fans as underhanded and possibly malicious on Amber’s part. These incidents, coupled with previous behavior, have intensified the negative sentiment towards her.

Fans of 7 Little Johnstons have not held back in expressing their disapproval of Amber. Commenters have voiced their strong dislike for her, citing her worsening treatment of certain children as the seasons progress. Others have celebrated moments when someone dared to question Amber’s behavior, considering it a significant turning point in the series. Some fans even criticized Amber and Trent for invading an adult’s privacy by going through their phone.

The criticisms directed at Amber Johnston reflect viewers’ dissatisfaction with her parenting style, inconsistency, and perceived manipulative behavior. These reactions demonstrate the strong emotional investment and engagement of the audience in the show, as they closely follow the lives and actions of the 7 Little Johnstons family.

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