The last season of the popular reality TV show, “My Big Fat Fab Life,” came to an emotional close in 2023, leaving fans with a mix of joy and uncertainty. The season was filled with significant events, including the loss of Whitney’s beloved mother, Babs, and the introduction of a new half-sister, Angie, sharing the same father. While season 11 revolved around the Whitney family’s story and the inclusion of a new sibling, it noticeably lacked the presence of the old gang, leaving fans longing for their return.

Recently, Whitney delighted her fans by sharing her exciting trip to Marrakech with her father, Glenn, and her brother, Hunter. She also shared a video featuring longtime close friends like Tal and Jessica. However, this has left fans wondering if the old gang will make an appearance in the upcoming 12th season. Speculations have arisen due to rumors suggesting that Glenn will be moving in with Angie, temporarily distancing himself from Whitney.

One commenter said: “You are looking more and more like your sweet Mother.🤗”

Another commenter saying: “Love seeing your old friends. Will watch next season if they’re back”

As Whitney recently embarked on an exciting trip to Marrakech, accompanied by her longtime friends, fans are left pondering the future of her personal relationships and the continuation of her extraordinary journey. The tantalizing possibilities that lie ahead have heightened anticipation and curiosity among viewers, eager to witness the next chapter of Whitney’s inspiring story unfold.

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