Kody Brown, star of the reality TV show “Sister Wives,” recently shared the tragic news of Garrison Brown’s death in a joint statement on Instagram. The aftermath of this untimely loss has undoubtedly been challenging for Kody, and his struggles are apparent. Concern for the celebrity grew when a picture of him began circulating on the internet, leading viewers to question if he was attending grief therapy and working hard to cope with his pain.

The death of Garrison Brown has deeply affected the entire Sister Wives family, catching them off guard and prompting a period of mourning. Kody, too, is clearly experiencing a great deal of pain, which is evident on his face. Recently, he traveled to Las Vegas to attend Garrison’s memorial service.

In the midst of this difficult time, Kody was spotted in a Las Vegas mall. A passerby managed to discreetly capture a photo of him as he hurriedly walked around. Although the picture did not clearly show his face, the posture indicated that he was going through a lot. Fans took this discussion to Reddit, speculating about the possibility of Kody seeking grief therapy in the mall.

One Reddit user suggested that Kody appeared to be alone during his mall visit, indicating that he might have wanted to distract his mind after feeling overwhelmed at Garrison’s memorial. Furthermore, it seems that Kody enjoys spending time in malls, as he has been spotted there on previous occasions. Therefore, it is plausible that engaging in window shopping or simply seeking solace away from the grieving environment by being alone was something Kody desired during that moment.

As Kody Brown continues to navigate the aftermath of Garrison’s death, fans will likely keep a watchful eye on his journey toward healing and the support he receives from his loved ones.

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